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Lights are not just for the holidays...they can incorporated for any special occasion! While Christmas lighting happens to be our specialty, we can perform our services for virtually any event, big or small, at J Co Holiday Lighting. A popular service we provide our lighting for includes weddings! For your special day, we can light walkways, trees, tables, arches and more to add beauty and elegance to your wedding or reception. Another fun occasion we provide our lighting services for is Diwali holiday!

Lights are not just for the holidays...

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Diwali Holiday

Diwali or Deepavali is a holiday of lights...literally. As a Hindu festival celebrated every autumn, this fun and unique tradition is a symbolic reflection of light overcoming darkness. So, part of the festivities includes bright, ornate lighting for homes, buildings, streets and other areas! At J Co Holiday Lighting, we can more than accommodate your Diwali holiday light needs! No matter your request, we're ready to take on the challenge.

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 Color Options

Take a moment to see the beautiful colors we offer. While coming in at the same C-9 classic size, LED is far better on your outlets and easier on the electric bill. They are a lot more durable and reliable, and require less maintenance and service calls! They also have better, truer color that lasts forever, not just one season.

*Note: service calls for LED are still FREE. 2018 season incandescent will be having chargeable service calls.

Colored light options

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